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The data collected from children at or through their participation in school are exponentially increasing in variety, velocity and volume. But whose interests are served by this ‘datafication’ of education and childhood?

This essay collection offers critical, practical and creative reflections that identify exciting possibilities for beneficial uses of children’s education data as well as tackling the exploitative uses or misuse of such data. Collectively, the essays set out principled yet practical proposals for our children’s education data futures.

Livingstone, S., and Pothong, K. (Eds.) (2022) Education Data Futures: Critical, Regulatory and Practical Reflections. Digital Futures Commission, 5Rights Foundation [Online]

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Digital Futures Commission

The Digital Futures Commission is an exciting research collaboration of unique organisations that invites innovators, policy makers, regulators, academics and civil society, to unlock digital innovation in the interests of children and young people.

We are focusing on three areas: play in a digital world, beneficial uses of education data, and guidance for innovators. Each of these work streams will be informed by the voices of children and underpinned by a research programme and outputs geared toward real world change for children. 


We would like to thank all the contributors and experts for our education data work and those who acted as anonymous reviewers.

The Digital Futures Commission is grateful for the support of the 5Rights trustees.

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Critical, Regulatory and Practical Reflections
Edited by Sonia Livingstone and Kruka Pothong, for the Digital Futures Commission
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